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Successful Aging
By focusing on your overall well-being, our program highlights brain health, diet, exercise and improved cognition,  by simply making lifestyle adjustments.

Successful Aging
An Aging in Place Solution

Seniors, aged 65-85 are the fastest growing section of our population. Many of us will live 20-30 years after we retire, which means staying healthy, both physically and mentally, is crucial for our quality of life. The fear of hearing a dementia diagnosis is greater than the fear of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. The majority of Americans living with dementia are undiagnosed. Although current Alzheimer’s medications have limited effectiveness,  there is promising research that diet, some supplements, exercise, brain games, music, mental well-being, social connections, purposeful living, and control of cardiac risk factors can prevent and/or slow down the progression of dementia.

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Successful Aging Program Outline

•Successful Aging Support Group Zoom Meeting
•Monthly Preventing Cognitive Decline Webinar
•Chronic Care Management
•Access to the FCA Care Team
•Monthly calls from the Care Team
•Monitoring of Vital Signs
•Medication Reminders
•Full access to the FCA Platform

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As we age we all notice changes in our brain.  It could be something as simple as forgetting a name, frequently misplacing items, or trouble finding the correct words. Anyone, regardless of age, can experience these mishaps once in a while but when they start to impact your daily life you need to seek help.

  • Do simple tasks seem harder?

  • Are you unsure how to get to your destination when driving?

  • Is it increasingly more difficult to manage your finances?

You’re not alone. There are over 9.9 million new cases of dementia each year worldwide, implying one new case every 3.2 seconds. Within the United States, there are at least 5 million people currently living with age-related dementias. As the population increases, these numbers are expected to rise. To put this into perspective, it’s estimated that one out of every five women and one out of every ten men, living past the age of 55 will develop dementia.

Addressing any cognitive impairment is by far the most effective way to prevent Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Early detection of dementia may be able to allow intervention to ameliorate or delay the onset of symptoms. This can improve the overall quality of life for both you and your loved ones.

Contact us today for more information and to see how 
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