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Full Circle America
               Empowered aging


Full Circle America offers a variety of services and packages supporting those mangaging chronic conditions and elders wishing to "age in place."
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Successful Aging

Full Circle America’s Successful Aging program helps you not only age in place, but age in place well. You’ll have the support of the FCA team who will help you navigate the medical, physical and emotional aspects of aging. For adult children of aging parents, outside advice is conflicting and solutions recommended are mostly unacceptable and unaffordable. By focusing on complete health Dr. Teel’s program highlights brain health, diet, exercise, and improved cognition. The Full Circle America model provides peace of mind, access, and problem-solving.



Video Monitoring

Whether your loved one lives across town or across the country our monitoring service gives you peace of mind knowing our FCA staff, and family, are checking in to make sure all is okay. When paired with in-home care this service enables many elders to stay home longer and can reduce the cost considerably from around-the-clock in person care.


Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring 

With two or more chronic conditions, (high blood pressure, COPD, Afib, or diabetes) Medicare's CCM program is for you. Close attention to medications, lifestyle and your individualized care plan will help you manage your chronic conditions and improve outcomes.

Medicare's RPM program helps improve quality of life with vital signs collection and monitoring. With access to our FCA medical team it also helps keep you healthy, reduce hospital admissions and allows you to live at home longer. 


FCA Platform

Our FCA Platform is a convenient place to store and share, if desired, all your medical information. Family and Caregivers can leave messages and vitals signs, adult children can view monitoring cameras (with permission) and medication list and chronic conditions are at your fingertips. All your important health information in one place!

Sample Packages

Samples below do not include prices due to the wide range of variables such as number of calls and reminders, number of video checks per day, location of customer, caregiver partners, number of customers with agencies, and so on. We tailor our services to fit your needs. Call us today so we may help you design the best package for you

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