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Who Can Benefit From Full Circle America?

If you are an older person trying hard to stay in your own home, or if you are an adult son or daughter juggling many responsibilities to help care for an aging parent nearby or from a distance, Full Circle America is about YOU. It is about whatever you need to make it work. It is about offering you peace of mind that somebody cares about you, about what you think, and is eager to let you tell us what you want. FCA is a unique company founded to elicit your goals and aspirations, and then work from there to create a comprehensive but affordable program to meet those needs. If you are tired of most of the conversation and activities in your life revolving around doctors' appointments, procedures and pills, you will find Full Circle America a refreshing change. If you would rather focus on how you can help someone else, or still contribute in a meaningful way to activities going on in your community, FCA is just what you need. If you are energized by interacting with people of different ages, give us a call. If you just wish someone would take the worry and headache out of trying to address common everyday concerns, give us a try.

You will be glad you did.

How To Cope

How do I help mom or dad stay at home and still have peace of mind? How do I continue to do my day job, handle my own personal family responsibilities, and still watch out for mom and/or dad?

First Step: Have an open-ended conversation with them. What are their goals? Do they want to stay right where they are, in their own home or apartment? If so, are certain things becoming difficult? What are they? Meals? Medications? Transportation? Errands? Housekeeping? Laundry? Lawn care? Repairs? Something Else?

If they would prefer to move somewhere else, where is that? Independent living apartment? Retirement community? Assisted Living? In town? Nearby? Near a son or daughter? Near an old friend? Don't care?

Don't expect every parent to have a ready answer. As the adult son or daughter, what are your goals for your parent(s)? Likely you've thought a lot about their needs. You've watched them age in many ways, and hoped that they'd be some reasonable option for them. Now you too need to get specific about your goals for them. Full Circle America will help you if you want.

Second Step: What are your dreams and aspirations? What do you want to accomplish with the rest of your life? You have a lifetime of interests, experiences, connections, What are you going to do with these talents of yours?

As their adult son or daughter, what do you see that they could contribute? Full Circle America will assure you that everyone participates in helping someone else.

Third Step: What are your/ their financial options? Given the alternatives of moving into residential care for $5-10,000/ per month, what is a reasonable amount to pay to stay in one's own home? Given that 24/7 personal care costs can exceed $15,000 per month, what can you and your parents budget for their care, help. Enjoyment.Full Circle America can work within any budget.

Fourth Step: What are the people resources for you or your parents to call on? What roles do family members play in your lives? How about friends? Neighbors?Church groups? Civic organizations? Others in the community?Full Circle America will work with you to identify such resources in your life and your community, and then create a plan to fill in the gaps.

Fifth Step: WhichFull Circle America package is most appropriate for your situation? Review the choices. Give us a call. Fill out our interview form. Let us help you decide what combination of people and technology suits you the best. We look forward to hearing from you.