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Elder Empowerment Movement

Full Circle America is really an elder empowerment movement. It is about elders regaining or retaining control of their lives. It is about re-engaging elders in their communities, with their interests, with their families. It is about older individuals reconnecting with extended family and friends, rediscovering dormant interests, and making new friends, and exploring new interests. It is intergenerational, and does not segregate the elderly.


Wisdom & Experience

Full Circle America is about celebrating the wisdom and experience of every individual who has lived 70, 80, 90 or more years. It is elders making a difference in the lives of others. It is elders helping elders. It is growing older together. It is empowered aging.

Helping Elders In Their Home

Full Circle America is about doing whatever it takes to help older individuals stay in their own homes as long as they want. It is about using and shaping existing technology to combat loneliness and isolation. It is reconfiguring existing community assets from schools, libraries, churches, town halls, community centers, and restaurants to accomplish this mission. It is using a blend of peers, volunteers, and paid staff in targeted and affordable ways to accomplish the goals and aspirations of our elders.